The holiday season usually means spending time with your family; which leads to decorating your home in a festive manner. Whether you have a large family coming over for the holidays or you spend it with just a few friends and family members, there are many ways that you can make your home warm and inviting for holiday. We have collected 10 of the most beautiful and festive ways to decorate your home for the holidays that will shine up your living area.

10 Festive Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

  1. Make a unique tree from tree branches and ornaments by placing them decoratively on your wall.

  2. Keep track of all your holiday cards by attaching them to a string and placing them in the form of a tree!card tree
  3. Print a colorful sign with the word “Joy” and cut it out to stick in a white frame.DIY-Christmas-Decor-Joy-Sign-006
  4. Hang ornaments from ribbon in your window.
  5. Make a table centerpiece from a craft sleigh and tree!
  6. Gather old Christmas lights and put them around a red candle for your coffee table.
  7. Find some matchbooks and stick treats in them to make a fun, homemade advent calendar.
    match stick advent calendar
  8. Take out your scrabble pieces and make a holiday greeting for your end tables!
  9. Pick up some throw pillows from the craft store and spread the joy.
    throw pillows
  10. Frame a wreath for your fireplace or end table!
    wreath frame


These ideas are perfect if you want to spread the holiday cheer in your own unique way. They’re simple and stunning and can keep the holiday spirit throughout your winter.